Top Ten Betting Mistakes: Being Lazy

Let’s face it and talk straight, most punters, those that have the occasional punt, and even those that do it over a long time frame, are just plain old lazy! That’s mainly because they’ve always taken the path of least resistance, they’ve always followed that poor doctrine by not doing adequate bet planning and research. A theme we have much emphasized!

And most people are like this in general when it comes to betting. They just don’t spend enough time doing their research when doing so. They just place their bets without investing their time into learning about what the best bet to place actually is. Everyone knows you can’t just watch the racing for an hour and then expect to win over a long time.

It just doesn’t work like that. If it did then millions of people would do it. But not as many people gamble as many as don’t. Quite simply, the hardest thing that a gambler will do is make it pay off as a trade in the long run. And as any gambler will tell you, it’s not easy to win money at betting. If it was, more would do it than don’t!

And when it comes to investing your money into betting on races or games and players, predictions and forecasts. You should not be lazy and just go straight in for the kill. Try to find that sweet spot which would be the most ideal choice, prediction or racer to bet on. And that comes about by doing your research first for yourself, or with/by/through an other.

It’s natural as human beings to try and take the path of least resistance. Water does that, pressure does that. Gravity does that. People do that too. A lot when it comes to being nothing but cannon fodder for the bookies! But it’s those that put the most leg work in, those that do the most research and homework, ar the ones most likely to bag that win.

And the curve ball that I’m throwing you hear is one that comes from a simple philosophy. If someone I know has spent one day on studying an up and coming race or game that’s going to happen. I’ll spend two days studying it. I’ll go that extra mile in my research to gain that competitive edge I would need to know what the best bet to place actually is.

And as we’re talking about betting on sports. I wanted to leave you with a very famous quote by the famous golfer that was Gary Player who said that “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. That is a statement right there that can be applied to both playing golf or any game and studying it as a punter too.

Obviously, for most of us, we don’t usually always have two days to spare to spend on doing research on the best bets. Let alone being lazy. But you can also pay someone to do this for you as well. That’s not guaranteed to make you win. But it will give you the edge over those that haven’t and result in more wins for you.


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