Top Ten Betting Mistakes: The Grass is Always Greener

Have you ever heard that saying where they go the grass is always greener on the other side? Well you’ve probably thought that yourself at times too when it comes to placing bets you don’t win. But to be truthful the grass isn’t always greener on the other side at all. And if it’s not as green for you that’s simply because the ground you’re on needs cultivating!

You can think of placing bets much like tending to a garden. The ground will need to be looked after and cultivated to grow. To mature and grow into a garden where many plants that you can think of as your wins, can grow. And this can be acheived by not making the mistake of changing your method of approaches so quickly they don’t fully put them to the test.

And most punters are guilty of doing that. Especially in their early days. Of finding some system that they try out but don’t do too well with right away after having some bad results from it. That they then don’t stick to. And that applies for actual working systems as well. That’s like gamblers that write down all their bets that they place too.

For a lot of them, they’ll eventually end up losing interest as well as the heart to carry on and put that system to full use for them and then move on to another. Those types of gamblers are like kids that have new toys on their birthday or on Christmas day. They quickly lose interest as they can’t get it to work for them and move on to the next toy.

Those types of people will always end up thinking that the grass is greener on the other side for other people. For those that are winning with their systems (partly because they stuck with it and put it to work for them). But in reality, it’s not that the grass is indeed greener on the other side, it’s that th grass you’re on has been neglected and abused.

They always look out for that next new big system or method that works and when they try it out, even though it’s got steaming great reviews, don’t make it work for them. And then they blame the ground they’re on. Where the ground would be the betting system they used. But the ground needs to be tended to by the gardener and that’s yourself.

And those that have the long term consistency with their bets aren’t ones that were always fumbling from one system to the next I can tell you that much right now! It wasn’t those that blamed the systems that worked as though they were broke or those that went in search for the Holy Grail before they even do a full review, evaluation and research of each bet.

So as it it with gardening, where in a garden competition, the winner would be the one who spent the most time nurturing and cultivating that garden, will likely be the winner of it. So as it is with betting too. Where those who put in that research and realize that, actually, the grass isn’t greener, I just need to cultivate these ones are the winners.

You will find you’ll have much more success when you are focusing on one system at a time instead of fumbling and flitting from one to the next.

After all, what you reap is and always has been and will always be, what you sow.


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