KnowARC project contributed to development of the Advanced Resource Connector Grid middleware in 2006-2009. Visit ARC Web site for current status, updates and downloads. Information in this site is obsolete and is preserved for archival purposes.

ARC - The Advanced Resource Connector

Grid computing for the masses – a feature about ARC in the ICT Results
  • ARC is a lightweight, portable, open source, cross-organisational distributed computing infrastructure solution
  • What you can do with ARC?
    • Manage your own distributed resources
    • Rationalize the utilization of computing resources
    • Join in the EGI infrastructure as a computing centre and share resources across continents
    • Use as a backend for popular research applications
ARC NOX release

ARC NOX 1.0.0 Release

The KnowARC project ended on 30th November 2009 with the release of ARC Nox 1.0.0, the first complete distribution of the improved ARC.

Everything you wanted to know about Grid standards

Grid standardization knowledge acquired by KnowARC members is now collected in a white paper Implementing Grid Standards – an inventory of standards and experiences from the development of the Advanced Resource Connector Grid middleware.

Chelonia - a lightweight self-healing distributed storage


2009-11-30: KnowARC releases Web Service based Grid middleware The KnowARC project announces the Nox release of the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) Grid middleware. This release brings ARC's new Web Service (WS) based components to a broader audience. Press release

2009-11-12: KnowARC and NorduGrid collaboration presents a booth (#2293) at the SC09 research exhibit.

2009-10-15: KnowARC has participated in the successful OGF interoperability demonstration across middleware deployments (GridSAM, UNICORE and ARC) by the demonstrator using a single BES++ client. Demonstration

2009-10-14: Putting Linux on the grid - iSGTW brings the news of KnowARC porting of Globus and VOMS to popular Linux platforms.

2009-10-06: New stable ARC 0.8 is released. A number of new features improve its performance and usability. It includes also the new technology preview job management service, A-REX. See the Release Notes for further details. Available for a number of platforms at the NorduGrid download site.

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