Top Ten Betting Mistakes: Being Too Emotional

Betting can be a very lonely but also a very highly skilled game of chance. And your emotions can get in the way and undermine your success in a lot of ways. If you make a mistake, you can draw comfort from the fact that you’re just a sheep doing what everyone else does. At the end of they day though, sheep will always get fleeced!

And if you want to see long term success, then you need to ditch the emotion because that neutralizes discipline and no race that took place just before the one you’re now betting on will have any affect what so ever on the outcome of another isolated race. Each race that takes place, that you bet on, should always be viewed separately from each other.

Now the players at the top of tree, those that have the most experience basically, can control their emotions very well. But many punters are conditioned by the bookmakers to actually expect to lose a bet instead of actually winning it! It’s some psychological thin that makes people feel like they are a lose since for years bookies have made them think that.

In fact, I would go on to say that about 95% of all people that place bets are emotionally flawed. As an example of what I mean, some punters will follow a specific horse or even a jockey. They buy into the hype that’s put out there about them purely to get those emotional punters placing bets on them. Or even follow some tips they’ve heard in the grape vine.

These types of players don’t pay any attention to those conditions that can so rapidly change in a race, so much so, they end up following and betting on non runners or not taking into consideration things like the weather, the rain, which can have an affect on the horses or even vehicles that are racing. Not to mention the jockey or drivers mood.

It’s also people’s emotions that stop them from getting into advanced betting too. Those advanced bets of hedging in your bets, laying them down and the arbitrages. And it’s even emotion that will make some people bet on racers simply because of their name that reminds them of someone or something regardless to the odds that are currently available.

For a lot of people, winning a lot and being successful is not something they do a lot and is even a concept that is far flung and alien to them. In hard times, some people can lose their heads completely and not capitalize in on the winning runs by making stakes that don’t make sense to make and trying to mess around with some betting system they’ve found.

And through all of this we can see, and must learn, that the more you can not let your emotions get the better of you, or be used by your own emotions. And even completely rule them out in the decision making process, the more a successful gambler you will go on to become. Betting is like trying not to get pick pocketed, be alert and vigilant at all times.

That is the thing to do, do be so, to master your emotions. By doing so, you’ll be betting much more profitably for it.

And you can take that to the bank!


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