Top Ten Betting Mistakes: Lack of Discipline

Hello and welcome to the 6th part of our running 10 part series of posts on the Top Ten Betting Mistakes Gamblers Make and How to Avoid Them. In this part, we’ll be talking about how having a lack of discipline is one of the biggest hurdles that punters need to get over when it comes to turning their losing hobby around into a winning hobby!

And the bookies know that! Why do you think that in every betting office or casino you walk into, you can bet on many different numbers, ball games, racing games, lotteries and many other types of games all around the world? Not to mention, a plethora of horse races that nobody has ever heard of and even virtual racing games of all kinds too.

For a lot of bookmakers, they just think that it’s just a matter of sitting there behind their desk while punters will place bets on whatever game or race is put in front of them. And the tragic thing is, this is mostly the case for a lot of people who go into most bookmakers and betting casinos today!

Most people are just thrill seekers and don’t really care about what bets they place so long as they can place a bet and have a fun punt. When it comes to betting correctly, most people are basically just headless chickens that are happy to pay through the nose long term just so they can get that odd and randomly occasional win on their bets.

And that even applies for those more experienced gamblers too who are smart enough to refuse to place those bets that they believe and know to be stupid bets. But they still occasionally let themselves down by always tapping into their profits with the odd fiver or tenner bet here and there.

And sometimes, that’s when you need the discipline to say no to yourself. And it can take a lot of discipline to not bet at all sometimes! Even more so to be able to walk away from betting on a horse when you know the stake for it isn’t a good one. Sure, it’s just a small fun bet, but saying no to placing that bet can take a lot of sheer discipline!

Especially so when you are chasing the buzz of watching your runner come in first. When you have that money already in your pocket and it’s so very easy to place a bet with it. But the world is made up of people from all walks of life. Some of them shrewd, some not so shrewd, that could win their bets, that fall into that trap of having no discipline.

They have a small winning period but then forget what it took to make them a winner from the start. The effort they put into studying that race or racer within the race. They become complacent and and become victim of their own laziness and lack of discipline. But it’s like swimming against the tide to be a long term successful gambler.

It can take a lot of power to not place a bet, a lot of self will and discipline. And even more to be able to move on after slacking offing from going backwards. So don’t do that to yourself! Learn to have some self discipline and thoroughly research all your bets before you place them. And learn to say to yourself on those that you haven’t.


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