Top Ten Betting Mistakes: Not Staking Correctly

Hello and welcome to part 2 in our series of posts on the Top Ten Betting Mistakes Gamblers Make and How to Avoid Them. In this part of the series, we’ll be talking about how people fail to stake correctly. What that means, how people do it and why it’s a problem and how you can avoid making incorrect betting stakes that should help you to make more lazer sharp bets!

So what does it mean to not stake correctly then? A stake is a bet and a bet will have odds. Those odds might not always be in your favor. That’s because there’s a lot of things that can happen and take place to determine the outcome of any game. So it’s important to learn how to bet and place correct stakes as betting always has some element of risk to it as you know.

Such risks can be things like, having long periods of not making any wins or even getting long losing runs and of course, low strike rates which can result in decreasing your betting bank balance as we talked about in part 1 of this series of posts. That’s why you should keep your betting bank separate and your stakes should be done based on the system you’re using.

Well let’s talk straight, when it comes to gambling, you have to both mentally and financially prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome. Simply because there can be a sequential amount of losses which can result in losing considerable money from your betting bank amount. So one must practice correct methodical staking when placing them by working out the averages and odds.

This is where you would need to do some math and that can be done from knowing the details and statistics that surround and are connected to that game. In the long run, and at the end of the day, when you make a stake on an advised price, it can bring you back a great amount in profit. Although even though that’s true, most people don’t set aside an amount they can use for stakes.

That’s mainly because those such people and punters alike don’t look at the odds in more detail or do any research into their bet selections. But for those that do, we see time and time again that it results in more wins for them through the sure essence of knowing about it through looking at the odds in more detail and things like past outcomes and positions etc.

And so, if this teaches you anything, it’s that if you can, and you should be able to, since there is ample time to see what games are coming up and what the odds are for then if any. That time can be well spent learning all you can about each possible scenario or direct or indirect thing that can have an impact on the resulting outcome of any game!

Thanks for reading, we hope our series of posts will go on to make you a better, smarter, more successful punter!

In the next part of this series, we’ll post about chasing your losses! Something we’re all guilty of doing.

Why you shouldn’t really ever do that because it can result in being a mistake you don’t want to make!


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