Top Ten Betting mistakes gamblers make and how to Avoid them

You know, when it comes to betting and gambling, one thing has never changed. There will always be winners and losers and 9 times out of 10, those losers will have made a mistake the winners never would! But it’s more about winning so we’d like to run a small 10 part series on the top 10 betting mistakes that new gamblers make and how you can avoid from making them yourself!

Now whenever you have a problem you are facing, the next stop is to find a solution for it. The problem is making or setting yourself up to make a mistake and the solution is knowing how not to make it. These 10 part series of posts will highlight and reveal some of the key areas where a lot of punters often slip and trip and make the wrong decision, choice, at a split second.

And these are wrought from years experience in playing and watching others play, win and or lose and how. And I’ve seen some truly remarkable things. All of which sharpened my own game play skills and knowledge through experience. And through knowing about and learning these yourself, you’ll sharpen and improve your own betting and gambling skills at any casino.

So let’s begin the series of the top 10 betting mistakes that punters make and how you can avoid committing them yourself.

Number 1: Not Using Betting Banks

Whether you’re playing for the first time or you’re a regular online casino player, it’s sound advice to say only bet with money you’ve set aside from your main money. Never gamble with money directly from your bank balance or card for example if you can help it. Not if you’re going to be playing online casino games. Or even real casino games, for a long period of time.

Instead, make use of a casinos bank if they have one and of course, most will do, where you can simply deposit funds into it, an account that holds your deposits separately to your deposits and winnings. This is really important if you want to achieve healthily sustained long term profits from your winnings. Instead of just dipping into your main bank account balance.

That will just make sense for more serious players and they’ll understand the reason in this. It can be a very emotional thing when you’re making a decision to bet or not and the size of that bet only increases how emotional it can be. When you only bet with a separate balance account it takes a lot of the emotion out of making that betting decision.

Think about how a financial adviser might think about it when advising you on investing on the stock market. And good one would say that you shouldn’t put all of your money into it. But rather to put only into it what you have put aside. Because let’s be honest about it, we don’t always win every game and every bet. And for some bets that could wipe you out completely.

However, with your betting account, even if you don’t win the bet, you will only have lost whatever amount you did bet from your betting balance. If that was all of it then that would be all of that and not all of your actual main financial bank account balance. Considering a lot of people bet with their money on pay days, they can end up betting more than they are happy or safe to spend.

When you only have one fixed amount of money to support yourself with, and you’re using that amount to fund your online bets and gambles, you set yourself up for complete failure as opposed to just losing what you had and or bet with in your betting bank amount. Of course, that will largely depends on the specific unique financial circumstances.

And that’s the first mistake that punters make. Not using a betting bank balance. Make sure to make use of a good casinos betting bank or choose one that is safe and secure and independent to your own bank. I actually use those pre-paid credit cards today and just load funds on them. There’s no charge and I can only spend the amount I have on them.

Thanks for reading and we hope you like the advice.

In the next part of this series, we’ll talk about how punters make mistakes by not staking correctly.

Something many people have to learn the hard way.


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