Top Ten Betting Mistakes: Plain Stupidity

Most people learn from their own mistakes, eventually. Some people learn from other peoples mistakes. And go on not to make them their self. But quite surprisingly, or is it? Well, most people don’t learn from their mistakes. And the rest of them have to commit those same stupid mistakes over and over again before they finally learn. Don’t do that to yourself!

Because literally, some people do go on for years making the same basic school boy errors and mistakes over and over again. Trying the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. I think that’s Einstein’s definition of madness isn’t it? It is! That is just down to the fact that some people are just seriously stupid. But that’s people!

To not be stupid when gambling, you should always strive and work towards improving your betting skills. That only really can happen through self experience and learning from those mistakes that you’ve made before. Learning what happened and how to not make that same weak mistake again will help you increase your betting performance for the better.

And to think, for all these years you’ve been placing bets at your local bookmakers. Or even at some casino you play at. Or even any online casino for that matter. The owners of them could be laughing at you and your weak mistakes for many years! They meet and greet you with a smile, and even thank you for your stay. Well most of them do anyway..

But generally, their main goal is to take your money. To make you lose your bets. Sure, they’ll be nice about it. And sure, they wont tell you that to your face. They’ll say they want you to have a good time and enjoy the experience. Whether you win or lose. And you understand that. But ultimately, they are laughing more than you, all the way to the bank!

But you have it in your power to have the last laugh! By learning from your mistakes, which will come from experience and learning from others. As well as learn from all these other betting mistakes in this series of posts. You’ll improve and up your betting game. You’ll learn how to wipe the smile from their face and have the last laugh!

You will just have to learn these for yourself first. That will come from experience in time but there is a lot of information out there on all of that which you can learn from too. That’s like we’ve said how it pays to do your research. Well research and get paid then!


That completes our 10 post series we’ve done on the top 10 betting mistakes that people make. Like I just said then, if you read and learn from them all, and apply them to your own life, to your own betting punts. You’ll only go on to become a more successful punter that has more wins overall and that is ultimately the main goal of all punters!


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