5 Quick Wins to Improving at Online Poker

In this article, we’re going to provide some quick and easy tips to improving your online poker game. These quick wins will help at recreational playing levels, not the high roller games so don’t jump into a NL $1,000 game expecting to win!

1) Attack the Tight Players

The low stakes online games have a mixture of player types; beginners, maniacs and tight regulars. The regs are often solid enough to eek out a profit but not creative or aggressive enough to move up stakes. Therefore, they are resigned to playing micro and low stakes cash games. This conservative style of poker often gives them the unfortunate title of poker nit. One quick win is to attack their blinds, 3 bet them when you’re in position and put pressure on them on connected boards. They are waiting for big hands to earn money so you can often find they’ll surrender pots if you put them under pressure on the right board types.

2) Use Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is an easy-to-use guide that poker players can use. Some poker training sites provide a free downloadable texas holdem cheat sheet for new players. I highly recommend using these as they’re free and you’re able to print them off and look at them before a session. They usually show hand rankings, basic tips and a guide on odds.

3) Sit to the Left of the Crazy

If you want to have an easier time with less difficult decisions, pick your seat carefully. Sitting to the left of the loose aggressive player at the table is a wise move. You will get to act after him/her on every round of betting. This is ideal. If you had to act before them, you’d be in a bind, often check/deciding and liable to get bullied about. By acting after them, you are in the most favourable position and can expect to win more pots.

4) Use a Spreadsheet to Track Results

Excel spreadsheets are great for so many things, including poker. You can use a poker spreadsheet for tracking results, calculating percentages and record keeping. There are plenty of different spreadsheet software you can use, but I recommend Microsoft Excel as the best software.

5) Get a Mentor

Your poker playing doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. There are loads of benefits of having a poker mentor. Most will charge a fee to help you and some will stake you and expect a percentage of your winnings in return. Either way, you have to pay some how as they won’t give up time, energy and their wisdom for nothing. But, they’re worth the fees when they help your game improve quickly.


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